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Liberty Golf Tryout Information




Dear Parents & Student Athletes,

            The Liberty Golf Team is a competitive golf team here in Carroll County.  This requires effort, practice, and determination on the part of the student athlete.  We conduct our practices and matches on the front 9 at River Downs Golf Club in Finksburg.  I suggest your student athlete get very familiar with this course to succeed at tryouts.        

 You have until try-outs to practice and improve your golf game at River Downs Golf Club.   

TRY OUTS WILL BE HELD AUGUST 15th, 16th, and 17th! The time is currently TBD, but call the golf course in early August to confirm the TIMES.  The dates are set.

  • PLEASE DO NOT PLAN FAMILY VACATIONS FOR THIS WEEK, since once the team is established, there are NO MAKEUP TRYOUTS & events start right away!
  • IF YOU MAKE THE TEAM, we have a TOURNAMENT on August 19th, and a TEAM CAR WASH on AUGUST 20th.  All members are expected to be available for BOTH ACTIVITIES!

  Please be aware of the following: 

  • You must be able to walk the course on the day of the tryout.  If you can’t complete a round, your scores will be disqualified.  Push Carts are allowed during all competitions!
  • You must make sure all necessary forms are submitted prior to Tryouts on 8-15-22. Look for information about Family ID and physical forms through the online daily announcements aka AlertNow/School Messenger, Liberty’s online announcement system.



Paul Bangle                                                                 Ed DeVincent

Head Coach                                                                Athletic Director                                                                                                                                                                

Please ALWAYS be courteous at ANY Golf Course you play at, and NEVER damage the course in any way, shape, or form.  Golf is a game of honesty and respect. 


WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR GOLF GAME (by utilizing as many as possible)

Practice, Practice, Practice-This should start at a driving range/practice facility.  Practice all aspects of hitting the golf ball with all clubs in the bag.  Then practice chip shots, sand shots, and devote plenty of time to practicing putting on the green from varying lengths, green speeds, and undulations.  Nothing beats dedicated practice. 

Golf Course Experience– Make sure you play at the front 9 River Downs multiple times prior to the tryout.  We also play at the following courses throughout the area-Westminster National GC, Oakmont Green GC, Challedon GC, & The Links at Gettysburg GC. 

Knowing the RULES OF GOLF– All student golfers are expected to understand the rules and play their golf game while APPLYING the rules.  This means no “free drops, do-overs, or mulligans”.  You are expected to take the appropriate penalty strokes and drops.  You will be held to this standard during tryouts, so practice this way also.

Reading about & Watching Golf-Any exposure to golf and instructional techniques can help a player improve. 

Getting a Lesson/Group Lesson/Swing Coach-Even the best golfer can benefit from talking to a GOLF PROFESSIONAL.  This is why the actual playing professionals have swing coaches & get lessons during practice rounds, etc. 

Playing competitively against other golfers your age– There are some local tours that can provide excellent experience for the junior golfer.  These tours don’t cost nearly as much as the National AJGA golf tournaments for junior golfers across the nation.  Information can be found at the following websites:


A player friendly tour based in MD (not sure if this tour is still active)


This tour/series of tournaments is for the golfer who has HS golf experience. The players on this tournament are better than the average novice.


This tour/series of tournaments spans a variety of states on the East Coast.  Lots of info and resources can be found here. 


This tour is primarily based in VA, however, sometimes has events in the DC/MD area. 


This is the highest level junior tour available.  It is expensive and VERY competitive